Principal Investigator

Tiago Quental


I am an evolutionary ecologist interested in a spatial and temporal understanding of biodiversity patterns and phenotypic evolution.


Laura Alencar


My research combines natural history, morphological, geographical and phylogenetic information with the application of statistical models to understand the patterns and processes shaping the radiation of reptiles and amphibians. At LabMeMe we are currently investigating what determines the coexistence patterns among squamates at global and large-temporal scales.

Gustavo Burin


My main interests are related to trait-dependent diversification , and to how biological interactions affect the diversification dynamics of different groups. Ohter research interests are related to assessing the influence of total biomass availability (with Net Primary Productivity and Biome area as proxies) on the diversification of different groups of vertebrates, as well as trying to understand how some groups can achieve a huge species diversity. I am also interested in method development and performance testing. Lastly, I am an open science enthusiast, and want to start blogging about it, general science and my personal interests in the near future.

Grad Students

Matheus Januario


My aim is to understand the role of extinction in the diversification dynamics of Ruminants.

Rodolfo Graciotti


I am an undergraduate student in Biology at the University of São Paulo. I am interested in comprehending the macroevolutionary processes that shaped diversity in deep time, with special focus on the Equidae (Mammalia) family.

Undergrad Students

Nathália Caldeira


I’m an undergraduate student still trying to find my way through the fascinating world of macroevolution. As of now, my broader interests are: how extinction shapes biodiversity, mass extinctions aftermath and recovery of biodiversity, how biodiversity in the sea and in land differ, and links between micro and macroevolution.

Luan Motta


Luan has just joined the lab and has a general interest in macroevolution.


Mathias Pires

Indiana Jones de Bauru

My main research interest is in the ecological causes and consequences of biological extinctions. My current research project aims to understand macroevolutionary consequences of ecological interactions, more specifically, the interactions between immigrant and resident species and the role of these interactions in shaping diversification dynamics of mammalian lineages. I am now an associate professor at UNICAMP.

Mauro Sugawara


Mauro finished his MSc. in 2015. He worked with the diversification dynamics of Placentalia, integrating data from the fossil record and from molecular phylogenies trying to identify which mammal orders are in decline of diversity. He is now a PhD. candidate at the University of British Columbia in Dr. Matt Pennell's lab.

Daniel Latorre


Daniel finished his MSc. in 2015. In his thesis, he aimed to assess the macroecological patterns of morphological disparity and body mass distribuition in mammals. He is now a PhD. candidate at the University of California Berkeley in Dr. Charles Marshall's lab.